Expert Services We Provide:

Indoor Air Quality
Mold Investigations
Industrial Hygiene
Hazardous Building Materials
Occupational Health & Safety
Construction Safety

For more information please contact:

Paul H. Matuszko, CIH, CIEC
79 Cedar Street
Walpole, MA 02081
Tel: (617) 893-4476

Benefits to Clients

PMEC brings a comprehensive knowledge of OSHA and EPA regulations and assists clients with inspecting, testing, and making recommendations to maintain compliance, reduce liability, and improve worker safety.

PMEC has an extensive background in building sciences, industrial hygiene, and occupational health and safety and provides comprehensive, accurate, detailed, and customized reports and programs to meet client needs.

As sole proprietor, Paul provides expert services through experience, training, certification, and licensing.  His background, education, and flexibility make PMEC the right choice when it comes to environmental health and industrial hygiene related services.



PMEC Value

Federal, state, and local regulations are constantly challenging the way work is managed. Increased risk and liability are encountered along the way. You need an experienced professional to assist in complying with these regulatory requirements. PMEC excels in providing clients with personalized, honest, and flexible service.

PMEC provides cost-effective strategies to properly manage client risks and liability often without utilizing costly outside resources.

PMEC provides a thorough understanding of the regulatory compliance needs of its clients. Working directly with architects, engineers, contractors, and property and facility project managers, PMEC has successfully completed projects involving:

  • Inspection and Sample Analysis
  • Remediation Design Services
  • Abatement Project Management
  • Health and Safety Program Development and Training
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance